Black Prejudice

Blacks can never love whites
Whites poisoned our hearts
Our children

Black childrens dreams shattered
By white greed

Bent minds and stolen children
Sexual abuse and slavery back then

We struggle with reality
Who are we?
We have no idea where we will call home next
With whom

Our pride is diminished by your white hatred

Where is our community of living?
Where is our death place?

Our Elders are beside themselves
And can only sell land for mining
Last power left for a warrior

Sell the land and sell out
Sell out our black arses
For white wealth

We are unemployable in the mainstream
It seems

Where can we talk freely?
Where can we walk freely?
With whom

Who will listen to a black voice?

Everyone knows white Australia
Those that are different
Those that dare to claim their own land
After proving forty thousand years of title

Those that stand up with a black face
Are knocked down
Appeased only with words like sorry
Sorry for what white fella?
That your genocide is working?

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