Black Anger

I’m an angry aboriginal
Why not?
Whites did intrude
Back then
Much to my chagrin
In return they offered me slavery
Some sugar
Flour and tea
And took away my children
Despite an Elders desperate plea
They raped my girls
As rifles stared me down
Better than a spear could do
To kill
Soldiers all around
The kids never seen
Tribal days
Aboriginal ways
Never learnt to be black
And the children were afflicted
With an unexplained blight
Forced to live a life of wondering
Were they black or were they white

29 thoughts on “Black Anger

  1. this is a beautifuland inspiring poem!
    As i am partly aboriginal i think it really captures what the white people did to us aboriginals.
    ii would really like to now who wrote this poem it would mean a great deal to me!!!!!!

  2. this is a very good peom can i have the writers email because i really want to hear more.i was looking for a poem for my class and the teacher gave me 10/10 for it.thankyou for writting a beautiful peom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is absolutely heartwrenching. And yes I know I’m sounding trite and up myself…. Yada yada yada.
    BUt even though I am white, and always will be, I find it sick that we took a wonderful heritage away from people, and introduced a way of life that basically killed the ways of old.
    Kudos on a well written poem

  4. hi im writing as assignment on ur poems. would i plez get some information thank u. and i really love ur peom it was meaningful and really spoke about what has happen to ur antsisters or even ur self. great poem!!!!

  5. hellois the authors name “Paul Buttigieg” or is he just the website owner?I’m doing a poem deconstruction on it and I would appreciate your response soon.Thank you

  6. this is an absolute tragedy. i need more tvs in the chapel and this guy probably hasn’t even got one!!

  7. this poem is very meaningfull and what you’d manly hear in story ‘s i luv’d the poem

  8. Who wrote this poem? I really need to know… can u please get back to me on this with some inforrmation on the poet

  9. This is such a good poem. I need one just like it for my English speech on how aboriginals are conveyed in Australian texts such as books, poems and movies. It would help me a lot if you could send me the name of the author.

  10. hey this is a really great poem, im currently writing an essay for school on australian identity and the way the aboriginal identity has been repressed within it. I have to explore the way that literature and the various discourses within it, maintains, preserves, enforces and challenges the typical australian values and beliefs towards a particular aspect of our scoiety. im using this poem, thought it was fantastic. thanks.

  11. Hello please can you give me as much info on this poet as you can because if it is ok i would like to use as well

  12. Can you please send me the name of the poet that wrote this??
    needed for an assignment

  13. can you please tell me the author.
    i really like this poem and would like to use it in a eng assignment

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