Black and Guilty

You’re black
Still responsible
For our white dilemma
About your existence

How dare you claim your own land?
With vigour
As we would
Claim your land
With vigour

Sit back and enjoy
Our grog
Our diseases
Our ignorance
Our stupidity


Then stand up
Come again
Do not be black and guilty

Come with spirit and fight
Make us really sorry

12 thoughts on “Black and Guilty

  1. Well Kevin here is the deal, I am a suburban poet with a heart, if you want to take me on in the big hall of bullshit then bring it on.

    I find it awfully sad that our prime minister cannot interpret poetry in its raw form.

    I will guarantee if you even dare challenge me I will have every Poet and artist in Australia support me for speaking the truth and you will once again become a Neville Nobody.

    From all the poets in the world bring it on Kevin…… your own demise.

    Oh and by the way………considering I am a writer, may I say I am thinking of writing a fictional story about the biggest wanker in Australian politics. You have given me some great ideas since you assumed this role.

    Regards Paolo

  2. Being indigenous i am very proud to see aborignal poet publishing their work.

    This poem relates to me as a member of youth even in todays society, and i am very glad to be able to read some marverlous poems.

    Keep on working, your making us all proud.



  3. Umm…
    You do realise that isn’t Kevin Rudd?
    I’m pretty sure that if it was, he might have a clue as to how to spell the word ‘racist’ in a slightly more accurate manner.
    You know, seeing as he is the prime minister and all.


  4. AND Kevin, how can you say you are in parliament when you cant even spell it, or racist? clearly have no brain, or heart, your just another one of those people who turn their back to the REAL issues in this world. Awesome poetry Paolo.

  5. White man should be feeling guilty for what’s in this poem. As it said Europeans brought disease, grog and HUGE death tolls for th Aboriginals. YOU ROCK PAOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thats deffinantly not kevin rudd but i acctually think that might be barack aye. this good poem

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