An Aboriginal Place

Please do not walk away, walk my way
See the colour of my life
Wander with me through my paradise
Of ant hills and bright ochres rife

I’m a proud native of this land, all this red sand
See the life that abounds
It’s bigger than the white fella vision
A multitude of silence and sounds

I offer this dreamtime menagerie, it’s yours for free
See where the aboriginal spirits ride
A sacred place a naked race a well etched face
Of true indigenous pride

5 thoughts on “An Aboriginal Place

  1. this poem is great! may i ask who wrote this? could you reply asap? i need for an assignment thats due in 3 days

  2. hi, I really liked this poem, but who wrote it?
    And I have an assesment on thursday, could you please answer this question:
    ” Why did you choose to write about Aborigines, Aboriginal land and Aboriginal people?” I’ll write your answer in my assesment. Thanx

  3. Hi, “What motivated you to write the poem An Aboriginal Place? Where did you get your inspiration to write it?
    I need the answer for this question fir my assesment, could you please answer. Thank you

  4. Hello – this is a site of beautiful poetry, many of these bring tears to my eyes. I’m looking for a poem for an assignment – for an opening of a gallery featuring western and Indigenous artwork. I would like to use this poem if I may – it is so beautiful and captures what I am trying to say about white being respectiful of aborigine and trying to work together. Could you please advise me very soon if I may quote this poem. thanks so much.

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