Adam Goodes

Indigenous is great

Love you or hate you

It depends


When your mob role drunk in the streets




Thieve and cheat

You must berate them for that choice

They have refused opportunity


You have an image problem Adam


You are a privileged person

Crying wolf


Everyone is against you

Are you sure you are a victim


Your mob needs you to rise for them

You are out of step with reality


You are never spotted in Kalgoorlie

Collecting aboriginals out of the gutter


You are never seen in South Hedland

Saving drugged and drunken blacks


You are never observed in Alice renovating derelict housing


In fact we have only ever seen you play football


So have most of your mob


You are hogging all of the publicity

That could save a drunk

Save a diseased child

Save a glue addict

Save a petrol sniffing teenager

Save a comfortable home


Your mob surely are not amused

Whilst one of their greatest lights shines only on you