Aboriginal Land Part 2

There are no black cities in Australia
Only towns where blacks lived and died unnoticed

Aboriginal street names
A poor attempt at appeasement for white theft
In big city land grabs
Our black hearts ask
Do we have fewer rights than boat people?

Circular Quay
The Rocks
Once our great places
Our meeting places for forty thousand years
Stolen along with our children?

We were there before Cook
This must surely scare you

You force us to join dole queues
Behind refugees
Disability pretenders
Single mothers
Frauds and cheats

We have every chance of a legal challenge
To recover our land
Our aboriginal given wealth

We are not refugees or boat people
We are the first Australians
The only Australians
Born here
You are
Murderous white bastards at your best

You raped our women
Enslaved our men
With your guns
Took land that is not yours

Genocide is your choice for Aboriginals it is not ours

One day we will ask for our land back
Be scared be very scared of your own white laws

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  1. Hey nice poem but could I have your real name for my english assignment please. 🙂 cheers

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