Aboriginal Birth Place

The hunting grounds are gone forever now
It’s hard to spear a kangaroo in a gold mine
Catch a goanna at Coles

Woolworths bulldozed our birth trees
Under which many of us mob were born
True ghost gums now

Our black faces annoy them
We sit at their front door in the heat
The aircon keeps us mob cool
Small consolation
When the whites open the auto doors

We are banned of course
Only for being black
The white man won’t let us camp inside
Our sacred birth places are trampled

A thousand white feet
With no respect for our mothers
Our birth trees

13 thoughts on “Aboriginal Birth Place

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it would be okay for me to include this poem in my English assignment. I have one criteria where it needs to be from a printed source. Do you have any of your works in books? If so, what dates and by who were the book/s published?

  2. I know you must get sick of people asking this, but could i please include this poem in my english assignment?

  3. Hi,
    This poem is really nice,
    Can please use it for my english assignment?
    please ?
    Thankyou .

  4. can i please use this as an example for an aboriginal poem in my english wide reading, thanks.

  5. hi

    this is one of my favourite poems,and i would like to know if i could use it for a english assignment,


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