A Question of Colour

There’s pain in your heart
For being black
Making me conscious
I am white

There’s pain in my heart
For being white
Making you conscious
You are black

Is it a Whiteman’s world?
In a Blackman’s land


A Blackman’s world
In a Whiteman’s land

Has the colour of our skin
Simply confused our ability to be friends

8 thoughts on “A Question of Colour

  1. it’s really good.i like it. sry if my english isn’t good.
    This poem should be in our books of learning..if you understand me :$

  2. please tell me who the author is because i need it for an assignment. its a really good poem. Thanks

  3. Adam, the site is called Paolo’s Poems…
    I wonder who it could possibly by…?
    Paul Buttigieg, aka Paolo…?

  4. This poem is quite good. Can I use the “Is it a Whiteman?s world? In a Blackman?s land” line for a poem for an assignment I am doing?

  5. I’ve been trying to think of a fitting comment….all I can say is that this is just a truely amazing piece of work. Thank you for sharing yourself with us on these pages, Mr Buttigieg!!

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