A Little Koori Girl

After the dreamtime power
I went troppo
I went to a place in the sun
Not far from heaven
And there you were at the golden gate
Amazing grace I thought
Far north Arnhem Land your haven
My wish
Stand up you beautiful aboriginal girl
And just represent your wonderful people

4 thoughts on “A Little Koori Girl

  1. i think this peom is lovely, i have to research an ingdiegenous peom for a school assignment, and was just wondering what a few of the lines meant, I f possible could you please reply to my above email address with the meaings, it would help me alot. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Kasey,

    Thankyou for reading my poetry.

    The poem is about the last of the male elders who has died following old age dementia.

    Although not traditional a little Koori girl shows leadership of the tribe and the elder meets her in the dreamtime place.

    He tells her to lead her people and be proud and not to worry that she is female.

    Represent all Aboriginals as a great leader.

    Kind Regards


  3. Paolo. Are you actually the one who is writing these poems? of the indiginous people?? please email me A.S.A.P! ta

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