A Black Rose

A black rose

Why not

An aboriginal flower perhaps
A symbol of absent love
Each petal could fall
To the ground
A symbol of lost hope
Their lost land
Their lost cause
Their lost children
Just lie there and die
In the sun and the rain
Blow away in the wind

Why not

7 thoughts on “A Black Rose

  1. This is a terrific poem. Could I please use it for my English assignment? Please get back to me ASAP

  2. this is a wonderful poem. could i include it as an example of an aboriginal poem in my wide reading?

  3. i found this poem very emotional it tells us just how cruel us whites really just were and how much we really were greedy but i jys wanted to say thankyou for writting this poem.

  4. hey great poem but could i use it for an english assignment and what is the peots name thanks got back to me asap

  5. you know what, i just love this poem and was wonderign if i may use this in my english assignemnt 🙂

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