Well Done Those Men (A Tribute to Barry Heard Vietnam)

Fuck off;
Off you go you’re an expendable lot
We are the dumb Government making rules
National Servicemen you matter not
We’ve played you young men for fools

A communist threat we sold you as an adventure
Dictated by our mate Uncle Sam
Plenty of average training for you boys
You’ll be
Teenagers used as toys

Comrades in arms trying to fight
An invisible enemy all around
In circumstances of horror and grief
No politicians ever to be found

The toll of killing others
Or maybe
Being killed in turn
Never knowing whether a mate got through the contact
And could dust off and return

Scarred and maimed

In bleak rain and muddy rubber plantations
Smoke sweat and humidity
Vision restricted all around
Guns firing pinning you down terror in your heart
Your head tells you to concentrate
And you cannot make a sound

You learn to hate the enemy
Trust is something you cannot give
Given to the wrong supposedly innocent
It’s you who shall not live


Now your conscription is ending
A generous government will send you home
Not knowing the damage they inflicted
As mentally your health and visions roam
Your family will suffer that’s a given
For the sacrifices you made
But Governments cared little for that
There would never be any aid


Alcohol will cure your fears
As long as you have a mate or ten
You’ll become a workaholic
And forget
That horrible war back then

Decent Australians and worldwide friends
Who discovered this fabulous character named Turd
May one day read your book
Discovering a hero in Mr Heard

The aftermath of all this Baz
Is that you thought you could not win
Not only were you brave and a fighter
But you had a secret weapon called:


Congratulations to you both and
Thanks for a great read mate

Copyright Paolo2017-10-08