Felicity Maybe

In my soul you appear deep

A depth so unknown to me

Shallow as I am in love and matters

Of love since that fateful day

Come seven years

I know little about your beauty

You know little of my tears


Have we found something Felicity

Can we offer each other hope

Of love and other ridiculous fun

A silly adventure perhaps to the limit of old life

Laughter once again for thee

Joy for both


I suspect we may discover love

We may love the escape

The beauty of growing old in peace

In a peaceful place by a river

We may just take on the world


Someone told me it is never too late

To dream again


I thought I saw you once bathed in beautiful moonlight
The water catching my eye below your nipples
So pert

Did you breathe only for you
That night
Did you take the time for thoust
Not that time was important at all


Splendid as you had become
With moonlight reflecting your lithesome body
You became a wildflower

Whilst I wilted

The Great Northern Menace

Like miniature sherman tanks,
They storm across the plain,
Eating our little native fauna,
Nothing of beauty will remain.

On winters nights off they go,
And head inland fifteen miles,
Closer to our wildlife parks,
Does’nt bring a lot of smiles.

Do Australians really understand,
The havoc cane toads wreak,
As our insect species disappear,
And the government is so weak.

Every great northern defender,
Needs to join the fray,
Phil and Dazza do your stuff,
Keep this pest at bay.

Spread the word to your neighbours,
Get some spirit in your town,
Only love of your environment,
Can put this menace down.

Now Phil, you tell em in Gladstone,
And Dazza you mind Kakadu,
I’ll tell all the southerners,
Not to let the cane toads through.