Kim Jong Un (Part four)

Am I not all you wanted you western swine
I am Kim Jung Un Tarzan swinging on a vine
The greatest fashion guru of all time
Come on western girls I’m in my prime

Look at my haircut pay it some due
Put my photo on your wall where you can view
The Nuclear heart throb looking back at you
Tear your heart out you loving shrew

Hang with me in my place
And I’ll show you my weapon to your face
I can explode for you and eliminate race
Just me and you left and no one to trace

Copyright Paolo2017-10-20

Kim Jong Un (Part three)

I sent a couple over Japan
Just to show them that I’m the man
Kim Jong Un with a nuclear plan
I’ll kill all westerners just because I can

You can give me sanctions and all that stuff
It won’t bother me cos’ I’m so tough
If you want to have a go I’ll just get rough
And keep sending my missiles till you’ve had enough

I’ve bluffed Donald Trump that silly tool
Who is very rude and calls me a fool
But I’m a great leader and playing it cool
You see the nuclear bomb is my crowning jewel

I might ring Donald and ask him to surrender
Whilst me and my Generals try to be tender
And if Donald says no we’ll go on a bender
Firing our rockets with love from the sender


Copyright Paolo 2017-10-18


Kim Jong Un

I hate you bastards in the west
Donald Trump you’re just a pest
So I have built some rockets that I will test
And show you all who’s the best

I’m Kim Jong Un and mad as hell
Pissed off with everyone can’t you tell
And all your sanctions are just swell
Cos then you bastards have nothing to sell

Angry as I am today
I think I might just blow you away
My hydrogen bomb is working I say
Look out your window it’s on its way

Call me a fuckwit say what you will
A madman a tyrant a flamin’dill
When I win the war with China’s will
There will be nothing left and no one to kill

Yes I’m Kim Jong Un with a beautiful plan
To control the world because I can
With a haircut to die for what a man
Owner of the free world the west once ran



Copyright Paolo2017-09-06

Holden Hill Memories of a sad childhood

It’s a challenge in my mind of twisted memories
Only sad and sadder it seems
Jovial thoughts little laughter and devilment
Deception and childhood mischief that
Always takes me back to Lyons road
My sacred place
My last and only home as a child
For the short time I was wanted
Suffering screaming for love
Germans and English
A family of Greeks mixed with Maltese
The Irish McCormack’s offcourse
Some friends who would at least let me cry
And feed me
The shops Mr Micklewicz
An evil man
Credit and the building of debt
That poor Mum bore
Feeding children on begged money
Borrowed nourishment
A father
Who gave money to the Catholics?
But never to a wife
Dad wandered and trapped better than Harry Butler
Seemingly mixed of purpose and confused of mind
A lover at home and a wanderer at heart
No concern for his progeny
A home where love was missing
Kids cried and struggled with their Mum’s loss
And anger
She loved him until the end
There were no good outcomes at Lyons road
At least not for me
I did not deserve incarceration
Eleven year olds who dare to rebel
Just need to be heard
Not punished for five years without family or love

A burden for simply being a boy not wanted

Copyright Paolo2017-10-24

God I’m giving up on you


You took my parents away from me
My siblings had no clue
Just a boy lost in misery and hatred
In a boys home all because of you

Are you not the man they taught me?
Who would guide me through?
That stage in life that maketh the man
Where the hell were you?

My kids now suffer for
I know not much of love
All those years I defended you
That Supreme Being from above

Why did you allow that I should grow?
As a young child all alone
When no one even visited me
In a rotten Government home

I never learned to be a Dad
Floundered through and through
Hit the grog and gambled
All because of you

Now I am old and gone
The church and god may be true
But neither ever helped me
God, I’m giving up on you.


Donald Trump v Kim Jong Un (telephone call)

It’s the President of the USA can you hear me Kim
Kim Jong UN
Can you hear me?
No…it’s very scratchy

It’s Donald, Donald Trump

Donald duck
No Donald trump

Oh okay hi
What you want

Just want to say I love Korean food
Your mob love McDonalds

Can we agree to not knock out the fast food outlets?

Sure no worries

Thanks Kim I am so happy you are nuclear about that

Copyright Paolo 2017-10-20


Why I am not Gay

I have to be happy now because gay means otherwise
I was gay in my younger years because I was happy
I’ve gone the full cycle you see
Why are you so gay today people would ask me?
Back then
Because I am so happy I would say feeling gay as
I cannot be gay anymore unfortunately because I am not
I am not gay and I am not happy I’m stranded between the words
So what word is between happy and gay I can only think its “okay”

I think its okay to be happy and its okay to be gay

Everyone is happy okay

End of story

Copyright Paolo2017-09-09

The Yes and No Vote

Yes I will vote No
No I will vote Yes
I will vote Yes or No
Or maybe

Maybe Yes maybe No
Is there a Maybe vote


I am not sure

Is there a Maybe vote
We are not sure about
The answer has to be

Yes or No

Okay all those on the Yes side
Say No I understand
All those on the No side
Say Yes I understand

There you go
So glad I could sort this out for everyone


Pooncarie Blowfly

Figure eights round and round
Buzzing my head with that horrible sound
Its loop the loop and hop and bound
Pooncarie blowfly not a friend I’ve found

Open the door to your little place
He rides on your back and circles your face
A menacing intrusion he makes you race
To a blowfly free more comfortable space

You grab the mortein and confront the pest
You spray him from the east and get him from the west
He goes down like a fly failing the test
Thank God you’ve laid him to rest

Copyright Paolo2017-10-10