Felicity Maybe

In my soul you appear deep

A depth so unknown to me

Shallow as I am in love and matters

Of love since that fateful day

Come seven years

I know little about your beauty

You know little of my tears


Have we found something Felicity

Can we offer each other hope

Of love and other ridiculous fun

A silly adventure perhaps to the limit of old life

Laughter once again for thee

Joy for both


I suspect we may discover love

We may love the escape

The beauty of growing old in peace

In a peaceful place by a river

We may just take on the world


Someone told me it is never too late

To dream again

I am an Aborigine

I’m black

I have no issue with that

You’re white

I have no issue with that

You are different

I understand that


I am very different

Not sure who understands that


White Australians do not


To them I am a burden

A Bludger just a blackfella

A bung

An Abo


What I really am is proud


Your white prejudice

Will never allow you to be the same

Black Beauty

Beautiful black face tells me all

A Black smile big pearly whites


Bright eyes you’ve reached the heights

Oh boy am I listening


Jubilant conversation never ending

White man has recognised you


Clever hands intelligent view

Oh boy so infectious


Big pay days now

Hard work taking you places


Lots of friends and smiling faces

Oh boy appeasement


Now they know of your success

Black family loves you too


Role model for black and white

Oh boy future Elder so resilient


I loved you on my own terms
Recalled the good things that ended so soon
Possibly Glad I
Made it to eight before my fate
A boy’s home
The trigger that said
Let’s try hate

Your lack of love made me sad
Searching for a loving Mum
All I found
Was an Angry dad

You turned me to Old Joe
In the end
A young boy with no one
Where else would I go?
For years Ma you were a no show

I have done exactly this to my very own

It destroyed my ability to love anyone
It always seemed so okay to walk away
To hide
No love in my heart no pride
Just so scared of failure

Sorrow has come around now
My own children suffer
For I am an untrained dad
I have little to give anyone
Except the courage to try

I cried for you for four years mother
You never even visited
Now you are gone and I will never know
What it was that made you

All those years ago
Just let me go
I would have you back in my life tomorrow
For just one hug

Nursing Home Blues

Staring out of my Nursing home window
Only one pane of glass separates me from dementia
There are no garden views only others
Old like me unfree
My last visitor was the doctor
The family seem to have deserted me
Six children eight grandchildren and I
have parted ways
It will be so good to die
just so I can see old friends again that left before me
The ones still here may as well be dead
as like the dead I have seen nought for years
life could not be sadder


I thought I saw you once bathed in beautiful moonlight
The water catching my eye below your nipples
So pert

Did you breathe only for you
That night
Did you take the time for thoust
Not that time was important at all


Splendid as you had become
With moonlight reflecting your lithesome body
You became a wildflower

Whilst I wilted

Watching and waiting

Did you not think I would get old one day
And worry

I might pass away

With out your knowledge
Or presence

Did you not stop and ponder old age
Will win every time

It’s like I’m driving out of view
After such a long drive
Travelling with you
I am no longer in your mirror
I’ve passed you for Gods queue

The ride has been enjoyable
At times great
The best that I could do
I am sorry for all the wrong turns
Taken by me
To enjoy a different view

My love has never wavered
For you
Any of you

I brought you all into this world


You will take me out in time
Whilst a small crowd is
Watching and I am waiting

Adam Goodes

Indigenous is great

Love you or hate you

It depends


When your mob role drunk in the streets




Thieve and cheat

You must berate them for that choice

They have refused opportunity


You have an image problem Adam


You are a privileged person

Crying wolf


Everyone is against you

Are you sure you are a victim


Your mob needs you to rise for them

You are out of step with reality


You are never spotted in Kalgoorlie

Collecting aboriginals out of the gutter


You are never seen in South Hedland

Saving drugged and drunken blacks


You are never observed in Alice renovating derelict housing


In fact we have only ever seen you play football


So have most of your mob


You are hogging all of the publicity

That could save a drunk

Save a diseased child

Save a glue addict

Save a petrol sniffing teenager

Save a comfortable home


Your mob surely are not amused

Whilst one of their greatest lights shines only on you



It’s Another world now

I may have to leave my own world

For it will not last

Another world beckons

I am far too opinionated

Old idealism

A crazy belief we would all be okay


Safe from lunatics

Australia reborn

They have arrived

In droves

They come

The dangerous foreigners

The do gooders

The fuckwit greens

A labour party with no clue about stopping invaders

We now welcome them

With money and aid

They sue us in our own courts


They promise us they will kill

They insist they will destroy the Western infidels

They live in Sydney

They live in Melbourne

Our government knows

Where they are

Who they are

They will do nothing

It’s another world now



Copyright Paolo 2015-05-28

When no one wants you

You’re only a kid a small child


You do not even know why you are crying

Or why you are at the big gates


There is some yelling

But it is you

No one is listening


A car drives away


Someone unqualified decided your worth


Gave you up

My Mum did

My Dad did

My siblings did


My world is still bitter

I see it every day

Most still avoid me


I will always be a loner


It’s my children who suffer



I do not know love


Copyright Paolo 2015-05-28