Old Betty (my recollections)

On the block at Lyons Road a young woman did her best
Toiling beneath the sun working the copper with no rest
She crooned and boiled clothes for kids and did it all with zest
So when Old Joe returned from trapping there was nothing left to test?

She mended the clothes and knitted kept the house so well
Everything doused in disinfectant from the smell you could tell
Take your shoes off outside the door she’d often yell
If you come in and dirty my floors you’ll probably go to hell

In the weary weeks ahead she’d be left so alone
From a trapper who purported to love her only when he came home
He’d do the deed buy some feed pay the bills then roam
For poor lonely mother another seed was sown

The next child could be boy or girl in those days you never knew
Mum was pregnant every year after dad bloody passed through
So I remember neighbors often saying do not feel too blue
Betty if you needs us we’ll have the car ready for you

I don’t want charity was often her reply
But there were times as a little boy I often saw her cry
And when I’d ask Mum can I ask you why
The stern response to her son was please – don’t ever pry

It’s about as much as I can recall between Old Betty and me
I went to a boy’s home and for years I couldn’t see
My mother and my father and siblings – all free
In a big crazy loving family home I wish was once for me

What just happened to Australia?

Old values – my friend said quite disgusted
Over a frothy at the bar
Why are today’s men and women so foul tongued?
I know not of a reasonable answer
Nor a reasonable cure
He pined
I pondered and thought your right old chap
Can we not use the English language as taught?
Could it be a drop in standards perchance?
Morals gone by the wayside
The old ways not respected anymore
Set by decent and upstanding parents
When as children we referred to adults as Mr and Mrs
Are women standing up for their rights anymore?
He said
It appears not to be obvious
They are accepting mediocrity in public places
Whilst their man cares little for what he hears everyday
Yes he decried chivalry is definitely dead
Men and women cannot defend each other in public anymore
They cannot ask the perpetrators of foul language to desist
It’s just all too hard and dangerous
Maybe a one punch assault………excuse me
What happened to decency?
What happened to respect?
What happened to love thy neighbour?
What happened to putting on your Sunday best?
What happened to I love you mum
What happened to I love you dad
What happened to common decency?
Well…my mate and I drank a few more frothy’s
And decided we were non the wiser
Then a Muslim walked in with a burqua on
So we had a cup of tea so as not to offend
Then we both immediately realised
What has happened to Australia?

We have given in

Copyright Paolo2018-05-22

Oh My Mother

Your beauty stuns me
I wish I knew you then
I wish I knew you
I wish

Does anything explain a life?
For us, nearly
As well as bewilderment explains
A little boy’s total loss

Of a guardian
Of a mum
Of hope

Oh my Mother
I keep regressing
But your beauty still abounds
Whilst my ugliness thrives

In times lost forever

Copyright Paolo2018-06-26

The Stolen Generation (Later On)

The Stolen Generation (later On)
We are older now
We hurt privately much more
In ways inexplicable to white fellas
We were close as little kids to our tribal glue
We were learning of the land the gathering
The dance the Corroboree
Not of religion
Not of white education
Or books
We read the seasons and the wind the fire and the rain
We wanted our brother and sisters
Our mothers and fathers our birth trees
Our hunting rights and our black land
Our brown footprints still own this land forever
But we were stolen
Scarred forever
We lost our mum and dad
Our brother and sister
Worst of all we lost our black soul
Never our fight
Copyright Paolo 2012

Well Done Those Men (A Tribute to Barry Heard Vietnam)

Fuck off;
Off you go you’re an expendable lot
We are the dumb Government making rules
National Servicemen you matter not
We’ve played you young men for fools

A communist threat we sold you as an adventure
Dictated by our mate Uncle Sam
Plenty of average training for you boys
You’ll be
Teenagers used as toys

Comrades in arms trying to fight
An invisible enemy all around
In circumstances of horror and grief
No politicians ever to be found

The toll of killing others
Or maybe
Being killed in turn
Never knowing whether a mate got through the contact
And could dust off and return

Scarred and maimed

In bleak rain and muddy rubber plantations
Smoke sweat and humidity
Vision restricted all around
Guns firing pinning you down terror in your heart
Your head tells you to concentrate
And you cannot make a sound

You learn to hate the enemy
Trust is something you cannot give
Given to the wrong supposedly innocent
It’s you who shall not live


Now your conscription is ending
A generous government will send you home
Not knowing the damage they inflicted
As mentally your health and visions roam
Your family will suffer that’s a given
For the sacrifices you made
But Governments cared little for that
There would never be any aid


Alcohol will cure your fears
As long as you have a mate or ten
You’ll become a workaholic
And forget
That horrible war back then

Decent Australians and worldwide friends
Who discovered this fabulous character named Turd
May one day read your book
Discovering a hero in Mr Heard

The aftermath of all this Baz
Is that you thought you could not win
Not only were you brave and a fighter
But you had a secret weapon called:


Congratulations to you both and
Thanks for a great read mate

Copyright Paolo2017-10-08



Malcolm Turnbull V Kim Jong Un (Telephone call number three)


Gooday Kim its Mal
Mal who
Malcolm, Turnbull you know me
PM of Australia

Meat pies
Holden cars mate

Oh yeah Jurie Bishop
No Malcolm Turnbull, millionaire
PM of Australia

Oh you wife Jurie Bishop
For Fuck sake Kim she’s not my wife

Anyway what you want

Look you cannot go sending missiles and letting off bombs
Is that nuclear

Anyway what you want

Herro, herro Jurie are you there it’s Kim
What you want


Copyright Paolo 2017-10-25

Let me say goodbye God


Who ever they are
Must find me dead
My fabulous passing maybe

Hope they do not find me compromised

Where will I die and how
It’s a guaranteed mystery of my life

So I am peeved that I have lived so long in life
But know so little of my pending death

I know my past to a degree
But hey that’s called life
I want to know about death

Some sort of understanding would be wonderful
Or bothersome at best

So if there is a god why did he fail to allow
An understanding of my own death

Never let me say goodbye to you all

Copyright Paolo2017-10-20

Kim Jong Un

I hate you bastards in the west
Donald Trump you’re just a pest
So I have built some rockets that I will test
And show you all who’s the best

I’m Kim Jong Un and mad as hell
Pissed off with everyone can’t you tell
And all your sanctions are just swell
Cos then you bastards have nothing to sell

Angry as I am today
I think I might just blow you away
My hydrogen bomb is working I say
Look out your window it’s on its way

Call me a fuckwit say what you will
A madman a tyrant a flamin’dill
When I win the war with China’s will
There will be nothing left and no one to kill

Yes I’m Kim Jong Un with a beautiful plan
To control the world because I can
With a haircut to die for what a man
Owner of the free world the west once ran



Copyright Paolo2017-09-06

Kim Jong Un (you silly fucker)

You silly fucker
With all your mates
Sitting there with crackers
Taking on the states

Guy Fawkes Night
Is more your call
Blowing letter boxes
Something small

Let’s just assume
Your first attempt
Hits America
Something’s bent

Do you have insurance?
For when they reply
Save your money buddy
Say goodbye

Copyright Paolo2017-09-25